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Gistalt is Live!

by | Mar 8, 2021 | Gistalt

I’m super proud to announce that gistalt is now live! The idea for the application was born out of what seemed like a lack of targeted training for that critical process in medicine (and especially emergency medicine) – who’s sick or not-sick? The app has been in development for a while – I drew the first sketch in May, 2020. Application development started in June and a functioning prototype was ready by August.

Graph of Gistalt Commits

A graph of gistalt repository commits.

Then came the struggle of content creation. We’ve reached a critical mass to launch the application but the team is going to be continuously adding new questions.

Future plans

This is just the beginning, I’ve got tons of ideas for improvements including:

  1. In-app feedback: share feedback to improve questions
  2. Improved analytics: provide more detailed performance data (by specialty, process, etc)
  3. Filter questions: build a stack of one or multiple topics (ex. pediatrics)
  4. Web version: play gistalt in the browser